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Bridge over the “Rudower Chaussee” | First project with 700 mm wide AZ-piles pressed-in | Berlin | DE

The German Railway company (DB AG) is currently modifying the Station Berlin Adlershof, which includes the widening of the bridge over the “Rudower Chaussee”. This project is part of the reconstruction of the Metroline S 9 from “Baumschulenweg” to the “Grünauer Kreuz”.

The new Station Adlershof will get three accesses on both sides of the “Rudower Chaussee”. The widened bridge passage will have three different parts: the tramway will use the central part, and there will be on both sides two lanes for cars, and a dedicated bus lane with direct stop at the station entrances.

Berlin is since the introduction of the free riding hydraulic press a traditional "hydraulic press market place". Due to the dense and often sensitive construction in the German capital and favourable soil conditions, mainly sandy soils, the press-in installation method has rapidly been accepted.
This was also the case for this project
  • for statical reasons, steel sheet piles were the best suited option for the bridge abutments,
  • due to very close adjacent construction (the expressway "Adlergestell", railway lines and IT-Companies with highly sensitive equipment), the use of the press-in system was decided from the beginning,
  • fhe first design was made with an AZ 36 section.
We offered as alternative the new AZ 37-700 section, a larger and lighter section, which was accepted and ordered by the customer.

The job has been accomplished successfully based on a long-term collaboration with the design engineer and the project owner. Another reason for the success was the availability at the right moment of the first “Sill Worker” hydraulic press which can handle and install 700 mm wide AZ-piles.

Project owner
Design engineer
Emch+Berger GmbH, Ingenieure und Planer | Berlin-Brandenburg| DE
Main contractor
Spitzke Hoch- und Ingenieurbau GmbH | Großbeeren | DE
Subcontractor driving
Fa. Ernst Meier | Berlin | DE
Steel sheet piles
AZ 26 | 8.00 - 9.00 m | 53 t
AZ 37-700 | 8.00 -10.50 m | 173 t
226 t
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