Maritime Infrastructures

ArcelorMittal’s hot rolled steel sheet pile sections have been used to build maritime infrastructures for over a hundred years. Through innovation and continuous improvement, combined walls such as the HZ®-M system, Z and U-type sections, or AS500 flat sheet piles form one of the most advanced solutions for constructing or deepening port and other maritime structures.

Based on long-term experience, steel structures in a marine environment can be designed for a service life of 50years and more. Besides, ArcelorMittal developed a special steel grade that is more resistant to corrosion in seawater: AMLoCor®.

Typical marine structures are
  • quay walls (wharfs),
  • jetties,
  • breakwaters,
  • dry-docks,
  • dolphins,
  • seawalls,
  • ....
Dernière modification : juillet 25, 2022

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