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Études de cas – en ligne

USA | Système HZ®-M / AZ® utilisé pour la réfection d’une conduite souterraine | Floride (2012)

Herbert Hoover Canal: système HZ®-M / AZ® utilisé pour la réfection d’une conduite souterraine, Floride, Etats Unis (2012). Les palplanches [...]

FR | Tunnel de Kérino | Vannes (2013)

1061 tonnes of PU18 and CU18-2 sheet piles were required to build two temporary cofferdams for the construction of a [...]

UK | Widening of the M 25 "London Orbital Motorway"

The M25 is an extremely busy motorway around the Capital. It constitutes 6% of Britain’s Motorways but carries 15% of [...]

USA | Manalapan Seawall

Storm Protection / Erosion Control: New seawall in Manalapan – Palm Beach – Florida – USA to protect the houses [...]

UK | Flood Defences on River Thames | Deptford Creek

Flood defence: construction of an innovative “composite cantilever” sheet pile wall. Challenge: working space limited to only 10 m behind [...]

UK | HMS Alliance restoration | Gosport

Restoration in a museum (Gosport | UK): clear the site of existing structures & construct a sheet pile cofferdam around [...]

Ukraine | Deepening of an existing quay | Sevastopol

Deepening of an existing quay wall | Sevastopol | Ukraine.

South Africa | Maydon Wharf | Rehabilitation of Berth 12 | Port of Durban

Maydon wharf: quay wall built with the new HZM/AZ combined wall system: 2800 tonnes of HZ1180MA-24 king piles and 440 [...]

Russia | Marine Facade - New passenger seaport | St. Petersburg

Construction of new berthing facilities (3 new berths totalling more than 1 km mooring facilities), accomodating vessels up to 300 [...]

New breakwater and LNG Terminal | Port of Swinoujscie | PL

New breakwater and LNG Terminal, Port of Swinoujscie, Poland. More than 22,000 tonnes of steel sheet piles and steel tubes [...]

Construction of new deepwater port | Northport | New Zealand (2002 - 2005)

New deepwater port to handle 65 000 t bulk carriers with maximal lengths of 230 m and draughts of 13 [...]

Randweg A2 | Eindhoven | The Netherlands

From April 2007 to July 2010, some 14 600 t of steel sheet piles were installed for roughly 10 km [...]

Luxembourg | Widening of the railway tracks at the ‘Belval - Mill’ train station (2008)

Widening of the railway tracks at the Belval train station | G. D. of Luxembourg. Retaining wall executed with uncoated [...]

Confinement basin for polluted dredged sediments | San Giovanni Beach | Teduccio | IT

Execution of a confinement basin for polluted dredged sediments in San Giovanni Beach, Teduccio (IT), with steel sheet piles sealed [...]

Merak container terminal | Indonesia

Merak container terminal, Indonesia (1998). Quay wall built with a combined wall system using steel tubes and infill AZ steel [...]

Rehabilitation of the 'French Quay' | Port of Kamsar | Republic of Guinea | 2007

116 m long quay wall made of AZ 40-700 sheet piles installed in front of the existing quay, connected by [...]

Sturmflutsperrwerk Luneplate | Bremerhaven | DE (2008)

Schutz für Mensch und Natur Der Neubau des Sperrwerks auf der Luneplate Bremerhaven ist Bestandteil des größten Kompensationsprojektes im deutschen Hafenbau.Trägerin der [...]

CT JadeWeserPort | Wilhelmshaven | DE

Kajenlänge beträgt 1,725 km, die Terminaltiefe 650 Meter. Nach Fertigstellung können hier – tidenunabhängig – Schiffe von bis zu 16,5 [...]

Saale-Elster Viaduct - railways | Halle | DE

The longest railway bridge in Germany was built south of Halle from 2006 to 2012, and was part of the [...]

Wulfenwehr - first hydraulic press job with the AZ-700 range | DE | 2008

Wulfenwehr – construction of a new weir in The Müritz- Elde canal in Neustadt-Gleve (DE). First AZ-700 job in Germany [...]

Bridge piers for airplane ’taxiway’ - airport Leipzig – Halle | DE (2008)

Construction of the 9 bridge piers between the ICE train tracks and the highway (2008). Their concrete foundations were executed [...]

Berth 8 | Cuxhaven | Greener energy thanks to ArcelorMittal sheet piles | DE | 2008

Construction of Berth 8: 160 m mooring spot, 115 m waiting area for the ships, 116 m loading area for ‘tripods’ (offshore [...]

Bridge over the “Rudower Chaussee” | First project with 700 mm wide AZ-piles pressed-in | Berlin | DE

Widening of the bridge over the Rudower Chaussee at the Station Berlin Adlershof (DE). First AZ-700 sheet pile pressed in [...]

Lock: replacement of the existing old retaining wall | Kleinmachnow | DE

Lock in Kleinmachnow: replacement of the old retaining wall by an 111 m long sheet pile wall consisting of 15.5 [...]

Kaimauer | Hafen Hennigsdorf | DE

Die vorhandene Kaimauer (Stahlbetonspundbohlen) wurde aufgrund ihres schlechten baulichen Zustandes durch eine neue Kaimauer aus PU 22, S 355 GP ersetzt.

AU 20 sheet pile retaining wall (cofferdam) | Munich Airport | DE

Construction of an office building near Munich Airport called for a watertight cofferdam. It was the first cofferdam built with [...]

Urban railway tunnel (metro) I Munich | DE

Extension of the Munich (DE) urban railway system. Construction of the Am Hart station by cut-and-cover techniques: 18-20 m long BU 25, [...]

Quay wall | Inland port of Straubing | DE

Port of Straubing (DE) is part of the infrastructure on the Rhine-Main-Danube canal. The main dock with a quay length [...]

Flood defence | Givet | FR (2011)

3 km long project coveris a footprint of more than 2900 m2. In the city, the system consists of a [...]

FR | Normandy bridge | Le Havre

The Normandy Bridge links Le Havre and Honfleur (France) since 1993. Circular cells protect the northern bridge pier from accidental [...]

Bridges over railways | Hazebrouck | FR

Two bridge abutments installed in 2 weeks and rail traffic was almost uninterrupted (i.e. 54 sheet piles jacked to an [...]

Midtermolen Project | Port of Copenhagen | DK

Construction in the ‘Frihavnen’ (Port of Copenhagen, DK) of 51000 sqm space for offices and housing. AZ13 &  AZ18 used for [...]

Breakwater of the ‘Marina Pez Vela’ | Quepos | Costa Rica

Construction of a breakwater of the Marina Pez Vela in Quepos (Costa Rica) with up to 15.0 m long AS [...]

Liefkenshoek rail link - tunnel | Antwerp | Belgium (2009)

2 side by side single-track tunnels undercrossing the river Scheldt and the B1-B2 Canal Dock were built inside a 270 [...]

Underground car park | Sint-Martens-Latem | BE (2002)

The one level underground car park of the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Ghent (BE) was built in 2002 with a permanent [...]

Tramway Ramp | Ostende | BE

The ramp connecting the tramway station to the ‘Ancien Pont’ was executed with steel sheet piles and fulfills a special [...]

2012 Eat-Drink-Design Awards: Best Cafe Design | Torquay Surf Beach | Australia

Third Wave Cafe translates the stereotypical Australian beach kiosk into an architectural icon, The building stands out on the shore [...]

Angola | Spool Base Jetty | Dande (2006)

Technip’s newest spool base facility in Angola manufactures rigid pipelines. It features a unique 600m long jetty with water depths [...]