Barrage de la Rance | FR
Dolphins as guiding elements at the entrance of the lock.

Barrage de la Rance | FR

Dolphins as guiding elements at the entrance of the lock.

Hot rolled steel sheet pile sections are an excellent choice when designing and building dolphins in a harbour or as a protection of sensitive structures (i.e. bridge foundations in a river or delta).

Maritime structure

A dolphin is a man made berthing or mooring structure that extends above water level and is not connected to the shore or any other structure like a quay wall or jetty. Dolphins increase the berthing surface when aligned with an existing pear or jetty, or they can provide independent mooring points. They are also commonly used to host navigation aids and beacons.
Common and efficient solutions when designing a dolphin are AZ and CU box piles, as well as the HZ®-M system. If the design requires a larger structure, or if bedrock is quite shallow, a single circular cell is technically the best option.

Protective structure

According to the AASHTO bridge design specifications, a dolphin is a protective object that may have its own fender system and that is usually circular in plan and structurally independent from the bridge. Their main function is to protect adjacent structures from the impact of a vessel.
Single circular cell structures are commonly used in the construction of dolphins as they are self-supporting units.
Structures that may be submitted to an accidental impact of a vessel need to be flexible enough to dissipate the huge energy of the impact without damaging the vessel.
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