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ArcelorMittal's partner in the research field "watertightness of steel sheet pile walls" was DELFT GEOTECHNICS.

In the framework of a European research project, sponsored by ECSC, the GEOTECHNICAL LABORATORY of DELFT UNIVERSITY ( was involved in the determination of the rotation demand of steel sheet pile retaining walls at Ultimate Limit State. The results of this research project are the background to EUROCODE 3, PART 5: PILING.

Steel masters Tensile Forces ...
this is the motto under which ANKER SCHROEDER has been producing anchorage material used in sheet piling for over 8 decades. The mill is located in Germany.

The objective of the Deep Foundations Institute is to provide a forum for academics, consultants, engineers, contractors, equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, public authorities or researchers to improve the planning, design, construction and testing of deep foundations including deep excavations.

Constructalia: the steel construction website...

Constructalia is ArcelorMittal's internet portal designed to help engineers and architects and keep them up to date with the use of steel in construction and architecture today. It offers them product assistance and solutions to typical problems. Constructalia includes the wide ArcelorMittal steel product catalogue in addition to its various applications for the construction sector: structures, façades, roofing, etc……

Design Software GGU-Retain for sheet pile walls.

GGU-Retain allows the dimensioning of sheet pile walls. The program offers comfortable data input with permanent presentation of the system on the screen. Every change of data is shown on the screen, so that optimum control of input data is given. The many means of graphic presentation, to a high standard of quality, make it possible for you to show your calculation results exactly as you wish to.

The basis is the "Recommendations of the Working Group for Construction Pits" ("Empfehlungen des Arbeitskreises Baugruben") (EAB). Almost all of the suggestions contained therein are taken into consideration. In particular, with a given system, the program will look up, if desired, the earth pressure redistribution suggested in the EAB.

Geotechnical engineering and software.

Terrasol (Setec group) is a geotechnical consultancy office, offering services such as engineering and design of major projects, and detailed design and expertises on specific aspects of works.

Terrasol also developed a suite of geotechnical analytical software, among which: Talren (stability of slopes and walls), Foxta (foundations design), K-Rea (calculation of retaining walls), Tunren (tunnels pre-design), etc. Their software are distributed worldwide. Terrasol is also the Plaxis agent for France.

Terrasol developed, on ArcelorMittal’s request, a version of its K-Rea software dedicated to the design of ArcelorMittal sheet pile walls: AMRetain software. AMRetain (like K-Rea for any type of retaining structure) benefits from a very user-friendly interface with useful graphical presentations, enables ULS checks according to the European standards, including the French standard NF P 94-282 (national application of Eurocode 7), and allows for the calculation of double sheet pile walls.
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