Box piles

Welded box piles are fabricated from conventional hot rolled sheet piles. They are formed from
  • four single AZ piles,
  • sometimes from a pair of AZ’s and a bended plate
  • 2, 3 or 4 U sections.
They can be conveniently introduced into a wall of standard sheet piles at any point where heavy loads are applied. They can be used to resist vertical and horizontal forces, and can generally be positioned in the wall such that its aesthetical appearance is unaffected.

Boxes may also be used as individual bearing piles for foundations or in open jetty and dolphin construction. Their large radius of gyration makes them particularly suitable for situations where construction involves long lengths of pile with little or no lateral support.

In general, box piles are driven open ended. Soil displacement and ground heave is normally eliminated since the soil enters the open end of the pile during initial penetration and forms an effective plug as the toe depth increases. Box piles can be driven into all normal soils, very compact ground and soft rocks.
Dernière modification : janvier 16, 2019


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