HP steel bearing piles

HP steel bearing pile. Cross section
HP steel bearing pile. Cross section

The HP steel bearing piles are special H beams with the same thickness for flange and web. Bearing piles of this type are used all over the world for the deep foundations of various structures: housings, industrial constructions, bridges...

Of the multiple advantages, the most important are the following:
  • easy installation, considering driving as well as handling, transport and storing,
  • no limits for the length of the pile, due to an easy adaptation to the soil conditions by splicing,
  • control of the bearing capacity by measurement of the refusal at driving,
  • easy connection to the superstructure,
  • bending moment capacity for horizontal forces,
  • immediate loading capacity after driving,
  • excellent durability, numerous experiences for totally embedded piles showed a corrosion rate tending to zero.
HP piles are available in high strength steel grades, and some of them even in HISTAR®.

Below is a small sample of our production range. Check our dedicated brochure for a complete list of the available HP sections and their specific steel grades (see links on the bottom of this page).
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HP Piles

Section G Dimensions A Atot P I Wel
h b tw tf y-y z-z y-y z-z
kg/m mm mm mm mm cm2 cm2 m cm4 cm4 cm3 cm3
HP 200 x 4342,5200,0205,09,09,054,14101,183 8881 294389126
HP 220 x 5757,2210,0225,011,011,072,94721,275 7292 079546185
HP 260 x 7575,0249,0265,012,012,095,56601,4910 6503 733855282
HP 305 x 110110,0308,0311,015,315,4140,09551,8023 5607 7091 531496
HP 320 x 117117,0311,0308,016,016,0150,09581,7825 4807 8151 638508
HP 360 x 152152,0356,0376,017,817,9194,01 3382,1543 97015 8802 468845
HP 400 x 213213,0368,0400,024,024,0271,01 4722,2663 92025 6403 4741 282

G Mass
h Height
b Width of flange
tw Thickness of web
tf Thickness of flange
A Cross sectional steel area
Atot = h x b Total area
P Perimeter
I Moment of inertia
Wel Elastic section modulus