ArcelorMittalWebinar. Changes in the standard EN 10248-1:2023 – delivery conditions of hot rolled steel sheet piles.

Webinar. Changes in the standard EN 10248-1:2023 – delivery conditions of hot rolled steel sheet piles.

Thursday September 28, 2023. 2 sessions in English

  • 10h00 to 11h00 (Paris time zone)
  • 15h00 to 16h00 (Paris time zone)
The first version of the European standard EN 10248-1:1995. "Hot rolled sheet piling of non alloy steels - Part 1: Technical delivery conditions." was published in 1995, and it needed a revision. A draft version was approved and published in 2006, but this version never made it through the validation procedure because since then, following the introduction of European regulations on construction products, the publication of a new harmonised European standard for steel products has become almost impossible. Without going into technical and tedious details, the definition of essential characteristics and their characteristic values, either by thresholds or limit values, or by some other means, is problematic. However, as production processes have evolved in the meantime, as well as the calculation standards based on the Eurocodes, the group of experts felt it would be useful to update the standard, although the standard is not harmonised and, as a result, there is still no CE marking nor Declaration of Performance (DoP) on steel sheet piles.

The most important new clauses in the standard, apart from the new overall structure, are
  • introduction of new steel grades S 460 GP and S 500 GP
  • additional criteria concerning the characteristics of steels, e.g. equivalent carbon limit CEV, minimum impact bending fracture energy
  • normative appendices concerning the tests to be carried out on the crimping points of interlocks of U-type sheet piles, the interlock resistance of straight web steel sheet piles, tests on new products before they are put on the market, etc.
Like all the CEN standards, the standard is available in three official languages: French, German and English. Each country is free to translate if to their national language(s).

This free webinar is aimed at design engineers, construction companies and project owners, and can be attended by anyone interested in this topic.

Our expert
João MARTINS, convenor of the CEN TC459/SC3/WG1 working group, which is in charge of updating this standard, will present this webinar.

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