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Sustainable Steel

ArcelorMittal is committed to lead the way in which the world views steel and champion steel’s role in creating high quality, sustainable lifestyles for people all over the world.

In 2011, ArcelorMittal was the first steel manufacturer that performed a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) dedicated to steel sheet piling products, and published an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Since 2016, ArcelorMittal’s hot rolled and cold formed steel sheet piles are covered by EPDs based on the new European standard EN 15804:
  • 'Hot rolled steel sheet piles' (2015)
  • 'EcoSheetPile™' (2018)
  • 'Cold formed steel sheet piles' (2019)
ArcelorMittal’s steel sheet piles are an environmentally-friendly construction product. Along with other European steel products, they are manufactured in facilities that report transparent indicators for their environmental performance, which have certified quality management systems and protect their working force through Health & Safety policies.

The environmental impact of ArcelorMittal’s hot rolled steel sheet piles is documented in an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), registered at the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU), Germany.

Find more details on the EPD on our dedicated pages.
Dernière modification : décembre 17, 2020
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