Étanchéité des rideaux de palplanches

The ability of retaining walls to prevent or restrict the flow of water in the ground is of utmost importance in many civil engineering applications, e.g. in basements, underground car parks, underground reservoirs, temporary cofferdams and containment barriers.

Steel sheet piles are per se impervious, the exception being the interlocks. A sealing system provides a cost-effective solution to control water seepage through the wall, for instance to minimise the risk of settlement of adjacent property, or keeping excavations dry.

The watertightness of ArcelorMittal’s Larssen interlocks invariably improves with time, but a sealant provides a means by which the flow of water can be controlled faster and more reliably.

The flow of water through sealed interlocks can be calculated with a realistic design method which is backed-up by several in-situ full scale tests.

Each construction project is unique because ground conditions, watertightness requirements, installation methods, and so on, vary from site to site. Therefore, the choice of a sealing system must be made carefully considering all the specific constraints and requirements.

The integrity of a sealant will depend upon its suitability regarding the installation and the driving method, as well as the soil and water conditions.

ArcelorMittal provides several sealing systems which are suitable for almost any project situation
  • Beltan®Plus, a bituminous product, for water pressures up to 1 bar (10 m),
  • Arcoseal™, an environmentally-friendly mix of wax and mineral-oil, for water pressures up to 1 bar (10 m),
  • Roxan®Plus, a water-swelling product, for water pressures up to 2 bars (20 m),
  • Akila®, a silane modified polymer, for water pressures up to 3 bars (30 m).
Although welding of the interlocks is the most expensive solution, it yields a 100% watertight wall, which may be considered the ideal solution for underground car parks for instance.

Note that sealing systems can also prevent soil from clogging the interlocks, which in specific soils can ease the driving.

Double piles to be delivered and/or installed with a sealing system must be crimped before application of the sealing products.

Beltan®, Roxan® and Akila® are registered trademarks of ArcelorMittal, Arcoseal™ is a trademark of ArcelorMittal.
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