In current practice, steel sheet pile (SSP) retaining wall structures are usually designed using user-friendly calculation tools, based on Subgrade Reaction Models (ISSM = Interaction soil-structure method) or Limit Earth Pressure Approach (LEM = Limit Equilibrium Method). If seismic actions are to be considered, then the same models may be used together with the earth pressure coefficients according to Mononobe-Okabe (MO) pseudo-static method.

However, the MO coefficients were developed for rigid walls, hence the method does not take into account the flexibility of SSP structures. This very conservative approach can lead to an unfavourable sheet pile wall design or, in the worst case, lead to the fact that SSP solutions might not be applicable in highly seismic areas.

Therefore a research project, led by ArcelorMittal R&D aims at promoting an economical and safe seismic design approach for steel sheet piling structures in zones with high seimic activity to engineers and port authorities.

We are developing in collaboration with external partners a simplified approach to be used in combination with a Finite Elements software. Preliminary findings of these projects have already been presented in international conferences.

Feel free to contact us for more details on preliminary findings (for instance, performance based design methods).
Dernière modification : décembre 16, 2020
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