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Études de cas – en ligne

USA | Système HZ®-M / AZ® utilisé pour la réfection d’une conduite souterraine | Floride (2012)

Herbert Hoover Canal: système HZ®-M / AZ® utilisé pour la réfection d’une conduite souterraine, Floride, Etats Unis (2012). Les palplanches [...]

La ville de Vannes (Golfe du Morbihan), 4ème agglomération de la Région Bretagne, était confrontée depuis plusieurs années à un [...]

The M25 is an extremely busy motorway around the Capital. It constitutes 6% of Britain’s Motorways but carries 15% of [...]

Storm Protection / Erosion Control History In the two decades following World War II, the luxurious resort area of West Palm [...]

Deptford Creek is a tributary of the Thames in London inside the Thames Barrier. In order to protect an estimated 33 000 [...]

HMS Alliance was launched in July 1945, from Vickers & Armstrong, Barrow-in-Furness. At 282 ft (86 m) long and with [...]

The city of Sevastopol is situated on the Crimean Peninsula in the Black sea. A former home base for the [...]

The port of Durban is situated on the east coast of South Africa, in the KwaZulu-Natal Province. The port is [...]

Marine Façade, the largest waterfront development project in Europe, was built in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, also known [...]

The port of Swinoujscie, Poland, situated directly on the sea, is among the largest seaports in the Baltic Sea region, [...]

Northport is situated on the north-east coast of New Zealand’s northern island. It is here where the country's most modern and [...]

People living around the Highway A2 in Eindhoven will anew enjoy quiet and restorative nights. The traffic around and through [...]

The luxemburgish railway company CFL rehabilitated the train station at ‘Belval – Mill’ in Luxembourg (2008-2009). Steel sheet piles have [...]

The remediation project of the sandy beach and the seabed of San Giovanni in Teduccio, Italy, consists in the construction [...]

Note: this is a very old project from 1998, but noteworthy. ISPC, ProfilARBED & TradeARBED were companies of the ARBED [...]

The Republic of Guinea possesses one of the world’s largest reserves of bauxite, the raw material used for the production [...]

Schutz für Mensch und Natur Der Neubau des Sperrwerks auf der Luneplate Bremerhaven ist Bestandteil des größten Kompensationsprojektes im deutschen Hafenbau.Trägerin der [...]

Ein sicherer Hafen – auch für die ganz Großen Mit dem Neubau des JadeWeserPorts in Wilhelmshaven bekommt Deutschland seinen größten [...]

As part of the construction of the railway line between Erfurt and Leipzig / Halle, the longest railway bridge in [...]

In October 2008, a project description where 700 mm wide AZ steel sheet piles were installed with an hydraulic press was [...]

The project extension of the airport Leipzig – Halle consisted in extending the ‘North’ runway to the east, and ten [...]

Due to high energy prices, the world is currently experiencing a run on alternative energies. Germany boasts the planet's largest [...]

The German Railway company (DB AG) is currently modifying the Station Berlin Adlershof, which includes the widening of the bridge [...]

The stability of the old cantilever sheet pile wall of the access basin to the Kleinmachnow lock was at risk. [...]

Als Neuentwicklung auf der BAUMA 2004 vorgestellt und im Hafen Hennigsdorf erstmalig eingebaut – die Spundbohle PU 22. Das Werksgelände der Elektrostahlwerke [...]

The construction of an office building near Munich Airport called for a watertight cofferdam to be built. The groundwater level [...]

The extension of the Munich (DE) urban railway system (metro) includes the construction of the Am Hart station by cut-and-cover techniques. [...]

The port of Straubing to the south of Munich will complete the existing infrastructure on the Rhine-Main-Danube canal. The main [...]

The programme of works initiated in 2006 to protect the town of Givet, in the Ardennes region of northern France, [...]

FR | Normandy bridge | Le Havre

Spanning the Seine Estuary, the Normandy Bridge links the two cities of Le Havre and Honfleur since 1993. With a [...]

The western end of the Hazebrouck bypass needed to cross two very busy railway lines (Arras-Dunkirk and Lille-Calais). The electrified [...]

The central pier of the "Frihavnen" in the Port of Copenhagen (DK) has been reconstructed to offer around 51 000 m2 space for [...]

Costa Rica divides two oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific, and is renowned for its rich wild life, volcanoes and [...]

The Liefkenshoek rail link, currently the biggest infrastructural project in Belgium, is forging ahead in the Port of Antwerp since [...]

Sint-Martens-Latem is a small town of 8 000 inhabitants situated in the Belgian province of East Flanders, right next to Ghent. [...]

The new tramway station in Ostende (BE) is connected by a ramp to the "Ancien Pont", thus giving access to [...]

The Best Cafe Design | Third Wave Cafe - by Tony Hobba Architects Jury comment Third Wave Cafe translates the [...]

‘Angoflex’ spool base was inaugurated in March 2006 and is located in Dande, Angola. Technip’s newest spool base facility manufactures [...]